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Measure for Delivery

Will my sofa fit through the door?

Most furniture is designed to fit through 33”-34” doorways, so if you have a 36” door, your furniture mover will be very happy. If you have a double opening front door, you may even see your mover break out into an enormous grin.

Doorways that are 32” or less can be challenging and many larger pieces simply won’t fit, so please make sure to get the measurements of whatever piece you are considering purchasing and compare it to the doorways and hallways you’ll need to navigate.

Measure for Delivery

Step 1. Tape Out Your Space

If you’re having a hard time visualizing the size of the piece in your space, grab some blue painter’s tape or masking tape and mark out the width and depth of the piece in your space. You can also place a piece of tape on the wall to get an idea of the height.

Step 2. Measure Your Home


Measure the height, width and depth.


Measure the width and height. Make sure to get the measurement *inside* the doorframe.

Measure your Home


Measure the overall staircase, especially at its narrowest point taking into consideration banisters, hand railings, chair rails, moulding, etc.


Measure the width and height.

Cabinet Measure for Delivery

Other Things to Consider

  1. Figure out the best path, with the best clearance from the street or driveway to the location for the new furniture.
  2. Remove all obstructions that might get in the way, including wall art, objects on the floor, low hanging lights or chandeliers, plants...

Key Points For Successful Delivery

  1. The width of all doorways and halls *must be greater* than at least one of the following: the piece’s depth, diagonal depth or height.
  2. The piece’s longest side *must be less* than either the clearance you have to carry the piece horizontally or the height of all doorways and hallways for the piece to be moved through vertically.

Seating Measure for Delivery